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Audience of One   1 comment

I have to admit, I love the song Audience of One.  I have heard so many people sing it that I honestly don’t know who deserves original credit.  I’ll go further to admit that I am not entirely familiar with all of the lyrics.  What I find in myself is that I get so caught up in the phrase, that my soul sticks to it and won’t let go.

This recently emerged in a quiet time and has been fluctuating between conviction, challenge, and inspiration. Read the rest of this entry »

From the Mouths of Babes   Leave a comment

OK.  We all have a few thousand stories of things that our children have said.  From the mouths of babes come so many jewels that we simply cannot help but to store them up in our treasured thoughts compartment of our brains.  As a father of 3 boys and as a minister, I too have had plenty of opportunities to have things said to or about me that just blow me away. Read the rest of this entry »

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Finger Pointing   2 comments

As a former athletic type, I must admit that I still get quite a thrill in being a sporting event admirer.  There are many sports that I like to watch, including the traditional basketball, football, some baseball and even hockey.  With my children’s interest in soccer, I also find myself increasingly interested in that as well.  I enjoy watching races as well, although I frequently find that the Sunday afternoon races spend more time watching me in my recliner than I spend returning the favor. 

There is a growing trend in sporting events today from those athletes that are believers in God to point heavenward when something is achieved.  Sometimes you can even read their lips as they give thanks to the Lord.  I have observed thanks being offered to God, Jesus, Lord and even Heaven from the mouths of very grateful athletes.  While I truly feel that this is a good practice, it does bring to my mind a question. Read the rest of this entry »

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New Strength   Leave a comment

I recently started a completely new morning routine.  Mind you, I have never been, am not, and cannot fathom ever being a “morning person.”  I have daily arguments with my alarm clock but continue to give thanks to god Himself for whoever invented the snooze alarm and installed it on mine!

So when I say that I now wake up at 5 every morning, please understand just how much of a real chore this is for me.  I am not seeking accolades in any way, but I do want to share with you the benefits I am receiving from this new routine. Read the rest of this entry »

Look, Ma, I’m Rich!   Leave a comment

Ah, yes, the words I have dreamed of one day uttering myself.  After all, isn’t success measured in dollars?

I have quite the dream list for all the money that I’ll one day possess.  You’d be amazed at what my new house will look like, complete with all the frills that we modern people so desperately need.  My cars will be roomy and comfortable, my pets well groomed, my family in designer clothes, my wife in exquisite jewelry, my bank account overflowing.

While I’m dreaming like this, do you suppose it wise that I go ahead and count on perfectly straight and pearly white teeth, the return of hair on the top of my head and a trim, slim physique?  I might as well because precisely none of the above are in my foreseeable future! Read the rest of this entry »

Posted September 14, 2008 by David N. Peppler, Sr. in Christian Lifestyle