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When my Aunt from Delaware passed away recently and the family asked me to help with her funeral service, my wife was able to accompany me on this less than pleasant trip.  During our time there, we were able to escape for a little while and go to the beach and the boardwalk upon which my feet trod many times in my youth.

Now this was April, and there isn’t much activity for this part of the world that early in the year.  One of the signs that my wife and I encountered several times said, “Closed for the Season.”  This was saddening because I wanted to visit several of these stores because of the years that had passed since I was last there.

“Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season…,” 2 Timothy 4:2, NIV.

These were Paul’s words to Timothy, his understudy whom he dearly loved.  These are also words to you and me today.

We live in a world that seems to be continuing in a moral downward spiral.  Christian persecution is continuously on the rise.  Our country continues to back away from many of the moral principles upon which we were founded.  This is happening globally.  There are now clergy in Europe being arrested for speaking out against homosexuality based on biblical truths.  I say that not to pick on the one particular subject, but the freedom of speech of the Christian seems to be an eroding commodity.

If I may lay claim to a soapbox for a moment, may I suggest that one of the reasons behind this is the lack of outspokenness of Christians?  I have heard far too many people of faith write off sin as “you believe what you want to believe and I’ll believe what I want to believe.”  Many relationships have to end up there, but they never need to begin that way.  If Christians today would stand up for that which we believe, I honestly feel that this world would be a drastically different and better place in which to live.  If we would allow God to speak through us instead of forcing him to find other options by refusal, then perhaps we would see far more compassion and care in our culture.

How prepared are you to share the reason for the hope you have?  Let Paul’s words ring in your ears for a while.  Regardless of your circumstances or mine, we are to stand ready to share the good news of Jesus Christ and eternal life given by Him.  There is another side to the Gospel, and it is for those who reject Jesus as Savior.  It is a place called hell.  God does not desire that anybody go there, but He will honor the choices people make.  If that were not the case, we would all be puppets without a purpose, and the Bible clearly teaches that we are creatures with choices.

Make your choice today to make your stand for Jesus.  Be ready at all times to share how God has made a real difference in your own life.  If you make yourself available to the Lord, He will work through you to bring others to Him.  Count on it! 

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