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“You shall have no other gods before me.”  That’s the NIV translation of Exodus 20:3.  It is not only the first of Ten Commandments given by God to Moses to deliver to His people, but it seems like it is the one most frequently broken.  Let me tell you why I feel this way.

It’s pride.  Think about it.  Every sin that you and I have the opportunity to commit basically boils down to our looking God in the face and saying, “My way is better than yours on this one.”  God’s people have had this sin down pat for many years, in fact, since the Garden of Eden.  “Don’t eat from this tree.”  “This tree?”  “Yes, that tree.”  “Sorry, but this stuff looks to good to me.”  Chomp! 

Look deeply into the sins you have in your life.  You’re not alone, I’m alongside you on this one.  Every sin in my life can be summed up in pride.  I know better.  So do you.  Mind you, if you have been a person of faith for any length of time, it’s quite possible that most of your sinning is done inside your mind.  That’s nice, but it’s still sin!  

I used to have this really interesting situation in my spiritual life.  I over-emphasized humility.  Go, go, go, serve, serve, serve, others, others, others, etc., etc., etc.  You get the picture.  What happened was this, I received so many pats on the back for my humble service that I started taking pride in my own humility.  Now there’s an oxymoron if one ever existed.  I became quite self-satisfied and even vocal in my attitude of humility to the point I would brag about it.  Go figure!

Jesus said that we should seek the Kingdom of God first and foremost in everything we do in our lives (Matthew 6:33).  This passage was directed at those who worry, but I believe that it applies to our topic today also.  I’ve heard it said hundreds of times in the past, but it’s true: “If Jesus isn’t Lord of all, He isn’t Lord at all!”  What would your life look like if you truly sought the Lord’s guidance in everything that you do?  I mean everything!

You can get there from here.  It does take a deliberative effort, but it is achievable.  Start with your morning prayers.  Ask God to be your Lord today, but I have a suggestion for ending that prayer – don’t end it!  Just leave the “Amen” off the end and allow that prayer to remain an open channel all through your day.  At the end of the day, finish the prayer by seeking forgiveness where you failed and thanksgiving for His victories in you.  Then, before you doze off, say “Amen.”

Let’s keep God in the forefront of our minds in all that we do.

Posted September 11, 2008 by David N. Peppler, Sr. in Closeness to God, Ten Commandments

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