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“You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below.” Exodus 20:4, NIV.

Since my boys are going to be in Ohio with Grandma when Father’s Day arrives this year, I was given the privilege of celebrating Father’s Day early.  They have never presented me with a gift I didn’t cherish so I knew that I was in for a treat – even if it was something Diane picked up, brought home, showed the boys and said, “Tell him that this is from you.”

My present this year from the boys is one of those neat “illuminated tabletop relaxation fountain” thingys.  I’ve had one of those in the past, but never read the maintenance requirements and quickly burned the motor up.  This time, I plan to follow all the directions.

One of the reasons I love these kinds of fountains so much is because of my tremendous love for the water.  I am a certifiable ocean fanatic.  I love to watch and listen to the sounds of water.  To me, nothing can surpass the serenity that comes with listening to the waves dancing with the sands on the beach. 

My fountain will help me remember my love for the water.  I also have surrounding me pictures, puzzles and all kinds of other reminders of my love for water.  The background on my computer screen shows a tropical beach somewhere with crystal clear water. 

My point is this; there are times in my life when I look to the relaxation of the sights and sounds of water for my serenity instead of the One who created water for me.  There’s nothing wrong with enjoying something like water, or golf, or money, family or even church.  But it becomes wrong when your object of desire replaces God.  God cannot be replaced or replicated in any way.  That would be like praying to your Bible.  It’s God’s word, but it isn’t God.  Pray to the God of the word. 

This is what the 2nd commandment is all about.  It’s written in your instruction manual for life.  It says that nothing can replace our God.  This, my friend, is a great promise that we should carry with us every moment of every day. 

Don’t get caught up in the waves of God’s great gifts and miss the Creator of the gift!

Posted September 11, 2008 by David N. Peppler, Sr. in Closeness to God, Ten Commandments

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