Dreams, Prayers, and Plans   Leave a comment

I have talked about the joy of dreaming in another Pep Talk.  How do we take our ideas and convert them into prayers, and then plans?

We held another “vision” session in town hall meeting format, and discussed the ideas, or dreams, that were brought forth in a previous meeting here at the church.  Here is what has begun.

1.  We have come to realize that many of our dreams have already become realities, or are at least in the process of becoming reality.  These would include some of the simple things like our forthcoming cemetery, a walking path around the property, some other building projects as well as some ministry ideas.

2.  We also understand that we have a whole boat-load of ideas that will take quite a while to process, let alone make decisions concerning.  Many of these dreams are quite complex, and will require much planning.

3.  We know for certain that it is imperative that we seek God’s guidance as we take a look at each of these plans and prioritize them.

So here is what we need to do: change our stated dreams and convert them into prayers.  As is usually the case, we have far too many great ideas and only so many things we can do at once.  This is a common problem.  What we need now is for God to show us what our priorities should be in these projects, and then start to discern how to approach the projects.

This takes time.  Some ideas carry a sense of urgency, while others are great things we would like to see in our future.  Some of the items that seemed to have risen to the top of a priority chart surrounded youth ministry and community visibility.  It is time to take all of these ideas and present them back to the Lord.

We now have a new prayer list.  It’s a dream list to give back to God.  Let’s be wise about our actions, by making sure that the Lord is in the planning process.  Let Him set our priorities.  Then let Him help us in the planning and implementation of these dreams.

A friend of mine loves to joke out loud with people by saying, “Pace yourself” at various times in conversation and actions.  God has presented us with some exciting dreams and challenges.  Its time to pray them back to Him.  When He answers (and He will!) we must begin the planning process.  Every ministry and action requires plans.  If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. 

Here’s what to request: discernment for the right projects, the right order of projects, and the right leadership for these projects.  Many leadership experts will tell you to staff it before you start it.  I agree.  Burned out leaders usually require a long period of time to recover. 

Be excited about God’s plans for our church, but do not over-extend yourself.  We have plenty of people to go with plenty of ideas.  While praying for discernment, pray for God to show you your own priorities.

I’m thrilled to be on this adventure with you.  It’s exciting to see God’s people realizing just how empowered they are by Him. 


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