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“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; all who follow his precepts have good understanding.  To him belongs eternal praise.”  Psalm 111:10, NIV.


People who come from an unchurched background often struggle to understand the meaning of verses like these.  It usually requires explanation to show that when the Bible talks about the “fear of the Lord,” it is a reference to respect and reverence.


Unfortunately, many people whose entire lives have been spent in church struggle with this same type of verse, but for different reasons. 


Many people exist with a pocket-God.  The Lord is their Savior, to be sure, but he is often neglected like an old toy.  We will take him out of our pocket in times of need, but put him right back when we’re through with him.


For example, how is your prayer life when things are going well?  We often talk about how the Lord has helped us in our times of despair, agony, panic and problems.  But why is it that we rarely hear people tell how good God has been to them through times of calm, rest,and even those normal, uneventful days?  Aren’t these a gift from above as well?


Once in a while I find myself in the same rut.  Things go smoothly, therefore my prayer time is lacking in the “needs” department.  The “trap” is to believe that prayer isn’t quite as necessary if it is not loaded down with a ‘needs’ list.  This is wrong.  This is putting God back into your pocket and telling him that you’ll get him out again in case of emergency.


God is so much bigger than that.  He has provided richly for us all, even down to the breath you just took in.  He is always looking out for us, keeping our best interests in his heart.  We need to learn to not only love him properly, but also to show him the respect he deserves properly.


Fearing the Lord is to maintain perspective of who he is, who you are, and where you fit into his scheme of things.  He deserves our worship and loyalty; our praise and our prayers; our sacrifices and our service.  


Then, once we learn the proper way to relate to God, something special happens.  We begin to learn even more about him and his ways.  This thing called God’s will starts to become a little bit clearer to our understanding.  Wisdom begins.


The more wisdom is gained, the more reverence we show our Lord.  The more reverence we show, the more wisdom is granted, and so the cycle begins.  As this verse says, the result of that continuing cycle is increased and permanent praise.


Seek out the Lord.  Learn his ways.  Give him the credit and respect he deserves, and the things of the Lord will start to gradually become clearer to your understanding than they ever have in the past.  


This is something good to strive for every day of life.

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