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Dare I admit some of mine?  OK, I hate needles.  In my 40-something years I have yet to see a needle being put into my body for blood work, IVs, nada!  I am also terrified of heights, an interesting dilemma when many perceive heaven to be “up there.”  I can look down at an angle, but I get dizzy if I have to look straight down.

I also have some spiritual fears.Most people express a fear of not knowing what God wants to do in their lives.  While I don’t have that one, I do seem to have a phobia about not being in the center of His will at all times.  I struggle with the issue of pleasing God vs. pleasing man frequently.  My main fear in that is getting it wrong with God to please man.  Leadership……..gotta love it!

On the morning Jesus rose from the grave, a certain group of men encountered extreme fear.  An angel appeared to a small group of women and the guardians of Jesus’ tomb.  With what appeared to be an earthquake’s force, the angel moved the stone away and the fears prevailed. 

“The guards were so afraid of him that they shook and became like dead men.”  Matthew 28:4, NIV. 

This is funny to me because I’ve been scared nearly this bad in my life.  I was a security guard working the night shift in a medium-sized factory.  There was this huge heating unit on one end that started with a loud bang, followed by the very noisy sounds of the mechanisms jumping to life to heat the entire place.  During my hourly rounds one night, you guessed it…I was walking directly in front of that unit when it kicked on.

WHAM!!  BANG!!  POOF!!  BRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrr.

In my horror, it is important to note what did not happen.  There were no puddles to mop.  I did not run.  I did not scream or yell.  In fact, I made no noise at all and did not move from the spot at which I was standing.  I went into this kind of whole-body-spasm event, standing there shaking uncontrollably in fear.  After what seemed like an hour (actually, until I started warming up from the heater), I simply composed myself and walked on.

The guards of Jesus’ tomb did the same thing but took it to another level – they passed out!

Fearing God comes in two forms: you are either afraid of God or you fear him by showing proper respect (see Fear of the Lord Pep Talk).

A fear that Christians should not encounter is actually being afraid in doing God’s work.  Jesus encouraged the women to spread the news to the disciples who would then start to tell the world of our risen Savior.  I have never encountered a time when I was intentionally sharing Jesus with someone that He wasn’t right there with me, giving me the words to say.  I have never faced an issue in leadership or in exorcising personal Christian disciplines that the hand of the Lord was not upon me.  In fact, I have been incredibly blessed from the leadership perspective to have been surrounded by good, Godly people through whom He speaks to me.

Whatever it is that God has for your life, He will never leave you alone to face this world.  At the end of the chapter that described the above incident, Jesus promised never to leave us or forsake us, no matter what. 

Understanding the presence of Jesus in your life will help you overcome all fears.  Who knows?  Maybe I will watch a needle one of these days. 

Or not.


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