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Having held our tummies and waved goodbye to the Thanksgiving weekend, we now turn our attention to Christmas.  Christmas; favorite time of the year for many.  I have to admit, it is my favorite also.  The Christmas holiday in today’s society seems to be turning further and further away from the true meaning of the season.  Mind you, our church is remaining quite busy so as to keep all of our folk reminded of what Christmas is all about.  Our church calendar fills up just as much as our social calendar.  There will be parties and celebrations, plays and meals, snacks and caroling.

All of this is fine and dandy and certainly a joy to experience.  But the Christmas season also brings about many temptations, and their origins are quite cunning.

“Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, returned from the Jordan and was led by the Spirit in the desert,” Luke 4:1, NIV.

To contrast our scenario with that of Jesus, let me point out that the temptations we face are not initiated by the leading of the Holy Spirit of God.  But their origins emanate from the identical source; Satan.

What temptations do we face at Christmas?

We get so busy that we lose sight of the meaning of Christmas.

We get so busy that we lose sight of the celebration of Christmas.

We get so busy that we lose sight of the humility of Christmas.

Allow me to explain.

The meaningof Christmas is the fact that God sent his only Son to be with us for a purpose – to redeem us unto Himself.  The miracle of Christmas is that event in which the Lord poured out Himself into a body of flesh, and He chose to dwell among us physically for a season.

The celebration of Christmas is the joy that is to permeate the lives of the believers.  As followers and believers in God, we are to celebrate this great gift of Emmanuel, God with us.  Since our Redeemer lives and loves, we have cause to be filled with spiritual ecstasy, praising Him for who He is and how He still shares the gift of His love with us today.

The humility of Christmas is how God chose to perform the miracle.  Jesus came into this world in the lowliest of forms.  He could have simply “entered” in any number of ways.  But He chose to be with us by finding the most humble scene possible.  He wanted to meet us where we are.

This Christmas, don’t be too busy.  You might just miss the entire experience because you were too busy running around it.  It really is not necessary to shower loved ones with massive quantities of gifts.  Give them something, yes, but make sure that it is a gift given in love – the same love given to you from Jesus Christ.

Remember the meaning. 

Remember the celebration.

Remember the humility of the season.

This is the right way to begin the Christmas season!

Posted September 11, 2008 by David N. Peppler, Sr. in Christmas, Holidays

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