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I know the feeling.  At least once a year, as much as I love my new home here, I try to travel ‘home’ to Ohio.  Mind you, the house I grew up in now belongs to total strangers, so I never get to go there, but I still get to be in the neighborhood. 

There is a feeling that overcomes me when I pull down that road that either leads to my sister’s or Mother’s house.  I’m home.  I can relax.  The long journey is over.  I am at ease.

This must be what the “Prodigal Son” felt.   Even though his world had been filled with trouble and turmoil, he must have been giving a sigh of relief when he started down that familiar path that led to his house. 

This Sunday, we celebrate “Homecoming” at Glenn Memorial.  It is a time when friends and family from all around return to celebrate a wonderful time of worship and fellowship here at church.  Many have moved away for various reasons.  Some simply fellowship with other bodies of believers, and that’s fine too.  All are welcome. 

Together, we will worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  We will honor and praise Him for His incredible blessings upon us as individuals and collectively as His church.  We will eat together, fellowship, and even share in special music for an extended period of worship.  This will be good!

I hope that everybody who comes will be blessed.  I trust that God will bring all safely, and that He will warm our hearts with His love as we share it together with family, friends and community members.  But most of all, I hope that He reminds us of the day of Homecoming in which He is still sending out invitations.

When our time on earth is over, believers go home.  I heard Lance Watson say something like this; Heaven is not my destiny, heaven is my home.  My destiny is to live out my life fully for Christ on my way home. 

I greatly look forward to the day when I get to go to my heavenly home.  There will truly be no more suffering, pain, or tears.  No more worries or regrets.  The absence of all of these things will be completely replaced with joy & praise for the One who makes an eternal dwelling, home, for us who believe in Him.

Is your heart focused on home?  Do you know Jesus as Lord and Savior?  Knowing Jesus now secures your eternal home.  Anxiously await and yearn for your eternal home, and try your best to live your life now as if you are going home tomorrow!

The “Prodigal” was welcomed home into his father’s arms.  When we go home, we will be welcomed into our Heavenly Father’s arms.  For this, I can’t wait! 

Posted September 11, 2008 by David N. Peppler, Sr. in Love of God, Relationships

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