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When David was finally able to bring the Ark of the Covenant into Jerusalem, the Bible says that he danced with all of his might.  He later declared that it was his intention to celebrate before the Lord.  Yes, one oversight on his part was a, ahem, wardrobe malfunction.  In spite of this, David gives us a tremendous example of properly celebrating God’s activities in our lives.

I get so tired of preachers and naysayers who talk about what a horrible job we Christians do in life.  Here’s where we fail, here’s what is wrong, here is how we fall short, and so on, and so on, and so on.  What ever happened to celebrating the good stuff of life?  What ever happened to encouraging folks along the way instead of pointing out the negatives?

This is the life “to the full” that I believe Jesus was talking about – Let’s dance!  It’s time to dance.  God gives us a lot more good than the world gives us bad.  He has given you and me some remarkable gifts, starting with the free offer of salvation.  Beyond that, He provides for us our daily needs, He protects us from the many harms that the enemy would prefer we face, and He walks with us all the way by providing His very own Spirit to accompany us as we go. 

This is great news, not just good.  This is something that requires celebration on our parts.  We all struggle in our walk with the Lord, but instead of feeling down because of our failures, let’s start celebrating the many victories we experience.  Deal with the shortcomings, by all means.  But don’t forget to dance! 


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