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I said a prayer today.  I had just read an article that I have no doubts was written just for me.  God does these things to us sometimes.  It was an article from a minister who was confessing a terrible lacking in his personal prayer life.  He discussed how he overcame this and that the whole process is still a work in progress.


The article was far too close to my heart.  It spoke far too vividly of some things I am currently experiencing.  Worse, it was far too close to the way I have been operating in my own life.


My response was to walk out of my office to the altar and pray.  When I arrived there I found something that I had not experienced in quite some time; I didn’t know what to say.  Those of you who know me realize just how miraculous that event must have been.  Dave?  Speechless?  As difficult as it is to imagine, this is precisely what I experienced.


My true feelings were that of an overwhelming sadness.  All I wanted to do was to sit before the Lord and cry.  It was a time to be the child of the Father.  I didn’t feel like I had just been caught doing anything wrong or that I was being chastised for any particular actions or inactions.  It was simply a time to allow the Lord to wrap His arms around His imperfect child.


You may know exactly what I am talking about.  Humility is always one of life’s toughest lessons.  It takes incredible strength to admit weaknesses.  What I have found is a new experience with a phrase I have seen and agreed with before but never experienced quite like this; “A man never stands taller than when he is on his knees before the Lord.”


May I invite you to a new level of prayer?  Will you join me as I renew my commitment to spend far more intentional time with the Lord?  Even when our prayers come in the form of tears instead of words, the Master welcomes them all with open arms!

Posted September 11, 2008 by David N. Peppler, Sr. in Prayer & Meditation

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