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I was so relieved.  After knee surgery and conditioning rehab, my doctor finally told me that I could resume playing golf.  The feared twisting could no longer bring the possibility of damaging the freshly-repaired knee.  I was set free. 

Mind you, I was not entirely recovered.  I still had strengthening rehab to do on my own.  This promised to strengthen those poor muscles around the knee that had vanished during the recovery process.  This, I was told, would take some time.

Sorry, Doc.  You said I could play golf, so off I go.

It went pretty well.  I hadn’t lost too much of my golfing abilities (I didn’t have much to lose).  But there was one area of my first golfing experience of the year that did not set very well with me; my knee really hurt!  The lack of toned muscle tissue around the area of my knee soon put much pressure on the knee joint itself.  My knee wasn’t ready for a round of golf yet.

I was ready emotionally.  I was ready spiritually.  I was ready mentally.  I was not ready physically.  I must now return to the home therapy that I had begun to neglect with countless excuses.  I have to go back to the drawing board and start again, because I now know how much more preparation I need before I can get back out on the golf course.  There is still much to be done before I can begin to play and enjoy my favorite hobby.

I have always been a big dreamer.  I have always been one who comes up with these great ideas in my life and starts to pursue them without giving much thought to preparation.  Sound familiar?

We must be very careful how we pursue things in our individual lives, our families, our jobs, even in our churches.  I have started many a project that ended up needing re-started because of my lack of planning.  This is why careful planning is essential to everything we do, especially as the body of Christ.  

I have encouraged the folks of our church to feel free to dream big again.  Allow your God-given imaginations to run wild.  We’ll continue to do this, but now I must urge caution as we seek to discuss & perhaps pursue some of these dreams.  Let’s prepare ourselves first.  Let’s take the necessary time to gain our perspective.  

The first step is always prayer.  If we are not praying about our plans, then our plans are useless.  Prayer is the most important ingredient to any spiritual or missional recipe.  This is proper preparation. 

As we move forward together, let’s do whatever it takes to be properly prepared.   


Posted September 11, 2008 by David N. Peppler, Sr. in God's Will

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