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I’m tired.  I recently endured a schedule that had me endure 12 evening activities in 13 days.  Not surprisingly, I fell ill a couple of days later, although that can be pinpointed to a certain consumed dish that was later discovered to not be good.


Something odd happened during that one-day illness, my body reminded me of just how busy I’ve been.  The next day was one with only a few short bursts of energy, and so far today I haven’t even had one!  I feel like I could sleep all day again today.


It’s funny how our bodies will only take so much and then let us know when it is time to rest.  We often ignore the warning signs and just keep plugging away until we either get sick or burnout physically and emotionally.  I knew that two-week period was going to be wild, but I wasn’t expecting a lingering result.


I’ll quickly get over it; I always do. 


Luckily, I know the difference between tiredness and burnout.  I’ve been there before.  Burnout effects our emotional and spiritual conditions.  You cannot overcome burnout with a few restful days complete with power naps at lunch.  Burnout is serious business whose effects last for long periods of time.  I’ve been there before, it is absolutely devastating.


Today, I’m just tired.  I’ll probably take my lunchtime power nap & go to bed early tonight.  I’m just glad that this hasn’t affected my emotional state nor my spirit.  The same Spirit of God is as prevalent in my life today as always – maybe even more so. 


I’m reminded of Ezekiel, when he searched for the Lord, but couldn’t find Him in the middle of earthquakes, storms or fires.  Even in the midst of complete chaos, God was found in the stillness of a whisper.  He is always there, waiting for us to find Him.


It is so calming to know what God is going to whisper to me when I lay down tonight.  It will be something like this, “Get some rest.  Sleep well.  I’ll watch everything for you.”


Take care of yourself.  Get plenty of rest.  When the world and/or your schedule wears you out, remember, God will help you find the rest you need.  Sometimes, He might have to knock you down, sometimes not.  But either way, make sure that you are watching out for the signs of burnout.  That is a line you don’t want to cross, ever!

Posted September 11, 2008 by David N. Peppler, Sr. in Christian Lifestyle, Faith, Service

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