Showing Those Pearly Whites   Leave a comment

I write this as we prepare for the taking of pictures for our first Church Pictorial Directory.  This is also a first for me as a Pastor.  I’ve been practicing my poses that show kind, gentle friendliness with a dash of holiness and reverence on the side.  So far, all I see in the mirror is simply that fun & silly man that you call Pastor Dave.


I love watching people as they prepare to have their pictures taken.  There is more hairspray used during this time than ever.  Maybe the increased usage of church directories is what’s causing holes to form in the ozone.  People will go all out to make sure that everything is perfect for this moment in the photographer’s presence.


Is my tie straight?  How’s my hair (for those of you who actually have some)?  Is this a good color for me?  Are my shoulders level?  Are the children smiling?  Stop picking on your sister!  Just pretend that you are happy.  Don’t forget to brush your teeth.


Parents having their children’s pictures taken are always the most fun.  More bribery happens in those 5 minutes than a year’s worth of trips to grandma’s.  Mom & Dad will do everything possible to get their children to smile!  How do I know?  I have made the same dumb faces, silly sounds, wild antics and reverse-psychology “don’t you smile” statements as you!  Remember, I’m the proud father of 3 boys.


While we do everything we can to produce the right “look” for our pictures, we often forget to do this in our spiritual lives.  Sometimes we’ll brush, run a comb through our hair and take a look in the mirror to see if everything is reasonable.  But we seldom go through the spiritual exercises to try and find perfection in the Lord’s eyes.


First, the good news.  You cannot achieve perfection in His eyes.  You will only be perfect when you stand in His presence as you are welcomed into heaven.


Second, the other good news.  This is exactly what Jesus is waiting to do for you anyway!


“To him who is able to keep you from falling and to present you before his glorious presence without fault and with great joy – to the only God our Savior be glory, majesty, power and authority, through Jesus Christ our Lord, before all ages, now and forevermore!  Amen.”  Jude 24-25, NIV.


One day, we will stand before the Lord without blemish because of the cleansing power of Jesus Christ.  If you have accepted Jesus into your heart as Lord of your life, this is your eternal destiny.  Imagine, no more aches & pains, bad hair days or need to lose weight.  He will make you without blemish. 


Knowing that, I can prepare for my picture with the understanding that I don’t need to put on some kind of “look” for the directory.  I’m just Dave, and that’s the way God wants me!

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