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“And when they climbed into the boat, the wind died down.” (Matthew 14:32)

I know, pretty profound, eh?  This is what happened at the scene where Jesus walked on water, the disciples completely freaked out, Peter walked for a few steps on water, started to sink, and Jesus pulled him up.  What is quoted above is the next verse.  But something important is missing, in my opinion.

How far away from the boat were Peter and Jesus when Jesus pulled Peter out of the water, and how did they get back to the boat in order to climb in?

Here’s my thought; the faith of Peter that carried him away from the boat on the water also allowed him to walk on the water again – back to the boat.  I have no proof of that and there is no ‘textual evidence.’ 

Peter had become frightened by the circumstances around him when he took his focus off of the Lord.  Jesus pulled him out of the water and asked why Peter doubted.  I would like to think that Peter instantly took the lesson to heart, refocused on the Lord, and was able to walk side-by-side with Jesus back to the boat. 

It’s my dream, real or not.  Neither of us will ever know until we get to ask Peter in heaven, so please don’t ridicule me too much on this one.

However, there is application for you and I today.  Our “human condition” causes each of us to sink in doubt from time to time.  We can sometimes be quite reactionary to our circumstances.  It’s easy to fly off the handle, panic in crisis, and lose faith in times of peril.  Profound events easily take our focus off of Jesus Christ!

But Jesus is always right there, reaching down into our lives, our joys, our sorrows; all of our circumstances, and pull us back up into His calm, loving presence.  We may not have been able to stay on top of the water like He wanted us to, but He gladly brings us back to the top and joins us by our sides, soggy shoes and all, as we continue the walk He has intended for us to travel.

As Jesus often had to ask His followers, “Where is your faith?”  I pray that you will find the strength to cry out to God today, seek out His hand that is already reaching toward you, and allow Him to pull you up out of the waters of doubt and restore your faith in Him.


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