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 To some, that’s a dirty word.  It becomes a dirty word for those who don’t know how to deal with it properly.  I know.  I used to be that person.

I’m a “Type A” person, meaning if I’m not busy, I’m not happy.  I must constantly be occupied or I simply don’t know how to function.  I used to be the Program Director of our local radio station back in Ohio.  Whenever vacation time came around, I would work feverishly to get as much work done as possible for the time I was going to be gone, and then work all kinds of extra hours after we returned to catch up on whatever I may have missed.

That, my friends, is no way to treat a vacation.  Vacation was never designed to be that all-too-short period of time that comes sandwiched between an overload of work.

Vacation is a time to forget the world, get away, and relax with the ones you love the most.  If you are single, this is a golden opportunity to visit family and friends, or maybe even get away alone.  As long as you escape the every day grind, you’re time off will be a real treat.

If you are married with children, as I am, this time is total devotion to your spouse and children.  Diane and the boys get ALL of my time.  Anything less would be unfair to them.  Being a Pastor, there is always the temptation to constantly check emails and phone messages from afar.  After all, being the shepherd of a flock is a 24/7/365 responsibility, right?  No.  If I fail to model what it means to be a Christian husband and father, then what lessons am I teaching the flock with my life?  Sorry, but this week, it’s just me and my great gift from God; Diane, Derek, and Douglas.

If God’s word instructs us to be still and know who He is, then we must take this to a personal level and create some ‘still’ times in our own lives for Him and for ourselves.  Enjoy your vacation.  I promise you that I’ll be enjoying mine! 


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