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   I’m thankful that God has given me such a loving family.  My wife is the best partner God could have possibly provided me.  I love her with all of my heart, and am totally committed to her.  My children are equal blessings as well.  They bring tremendous joy to my life and are truly the ‘apple of my eye.’  My parents, sister, and family ‘back home’ are certainly not to be forgotten.  I thank God for all the many things they have meant to me over the years; something that continues to grow with the passing of time.

    I’m thankful for His call to ministry, and especially His call to ministry here at GMBC.  His hand was all over our coming here to be Pastor and family for this church, and He has truly blessed us for being here.  This is manifested through the following blessing.
    I thank God for great friends!  This is precisely what the folks of this church have become to me.  You have not only welcomed us in as one of your own, but you have shown tremendous love that can only come from Divine inspiration.  God has loved through you to my family and me.  I love to be with you, talk and laugh with you, even cry and mourn with you.  You are true friends, and for that I give thanks.
    Most of all, I’m thankful for having a God who loves me as much as He does.  There is absolutely no limit to the greatness of His love for all of us.  This love was made known in countless ways in the past, but the greatest example of all came on the cross of Jesus some 2000 years ago.  Such great love can never be fully appreciated, just accepted.
    How about you?  What are you thankful for this year?  I would love for you to post your comments for me and share your ‘thanks’ for what God is doing in your life.  It will be your way of helping this particular “Pep Talk” become even more meaningful.  
    Thank You, Lord, for being my Shepherd and King!

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