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I recently started a completely new morning routine.  Mind you, I have never been, am not, and cannot fathom ever being a “morning person.”  I have daily arguments with my alarm clock but continue to give thanks to god Himself for whoever invented the snooze alarm and installed it on mine!

So when I say that I now wake up at 5 every morning, please understand just how much of a real chore this is for me.  I am not seeking accolades in any way, but I do want to share with you the benefits I am receiving from this new routine.

Like most people, I have always been rather horrible at making time for God.  Granted, most of my life’s work is focused on the Lord and His work, so I do have all kinds of time with God that most people don’t get.  But my separate personal time would sometimes suffer, so the new routine was devised and implemented.

Basically, I spend about 20 minutes reading scripture, 10 or so minutes journaling, and another 15 minutes praying.  None of these times are set in stone and I really enjoy when God dictates the breaking of that schedule with insights, meditations, and eventful prayer experiences.

God has been doing some amazing things in my life lately.  He has been answering some huge prayers of mine which has resulted in my moving to the next level of confidence in my life and ministry.  this is a confidence that has affected pretty much everything I do, and many will tell you that much of this result is found in me at the pulpit.  Mind you, this confidence is not because  God has been answering prayers, but the result.  In fact, the confidence itself was one of the prayer requests.

The spiritual strength that God is granting me is available to you as well.  May I suggest that you don’t have to get up at 5 every morning to receive it, either?  This strength comes from an increased understanding of just how God has put us together and how He desires for us to boldly proclaim our faith in all circumstances.  Mind you, you could wake up at 5 just to share in my pain and suffering.

Paul told Timothy, “For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and self-discipline.”  2 Timothy 1:7, NIV.

If we can turn our focus to the author and sustainer of our faith, then we truly can move mountains.  there is no power that can prevail against the Lord.  If we carry within us the One who is capable of being our comfort as well as our strength, then we can certainly go through life in such a way that carries great confidence and self-control.

Would you care to join me on this adventure?

I realize that much of this devotion seems to have been a whole lot about me.  That was never the intent.  The intent is to give you an example of what can happen when we make authentic efforts to increase our faith as well as our commitment to being better stewards of our beliefs.

All it takes is commitment and follow-through.  New strength can be yours today!

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