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OK.  We all have a few thousand stories of things that our children have said.  From the mouths of babes come so many jewels that we simply cannot help but to store them up in our treasured thoughts compartment of our brains.  As a father of 3 boys and as a minister, I too have had plenty of opportunities to have things said to or about me that just blow me away.

In a church I was serving several years ago, it was our tradition during Vacation Bible School to offer an evangelistic invitation one night late in the week, and then make sure that we had the kids’ contact information for follow-up.  On occasion, some of the children who were already part of the church through their parents would respond to that invitation too.  All of this is perfectly normal.

One special night after our VBS invitation, there was a 5-year-old boy who had raised his hand that wanted to talk with me after everybody else had left.  His Mom was one of our VBS teachers and was quite interested to hear the lad’s thoughts.  He told me that he raised his hand and wanted to know more about becoming a Christian.  When I asked him why, he pointed to the church baptismal behind the pulpit and said, “Because I want to play in that pool up there.”

To understand the next story, you must learn of my wife’s addiction.  She is absolutely addicted to children, particularly infants and small toddlers.  Most children this age end up having nothing to do with me for two reasons.  One, look at my picture on the “Meet Dave” page.  Two, Diane usually has the kids all gobbled up long before they meet me.

There is one child in our church who somehow has broken that pattern and likes me much better than Diane.  However, his reasoning has nothing to do with my personality or charm or loving heart.  This boy likes me because of my balding head!  In fact, to this day he doesn’t know my name.  His Dad and grandparents have worked very hard to get him to call me “Pastor Dave” like the rest of the kids.  But, alas, I have been for the past year and evidently ever shall be known by this young man as “Bald Spot.”  That’s all he ever calls me.  In addition, every time he allows me to hold him it is for only one reason – to rub my head. 

Humility is such a great feeling.

But one of my favorites that has not come out of the mouths of my own children (that will be another Pep Talk) is one that happened quite recently.  I have had a part-time job for the past year and a half at the local radio station for supplemental income.  Before my call to ministry, a radio announcer and manager was my career, so picking this up worked out nicely.

As you know, there is a vast difference between radio announcing and presenting sermons.  In radio, especially with commercials, you have a narrow window to get your information in, usually causing one to attempt to speak much quicker than normal.

In the pulpit, more time exists to say what you need to say.

A very dear girl in our congregation was in her car with her mother and sister not too long ago.  They were listening to the radio station where I was working and recognized my voice on a commercial.  This young lady turned to her mother and said, “Why can’t Pastor Dave do that at church?”  Her mother asked what she meant by that.  This angel, whom I dearly love, answered, “Get to the point when he preaches instead of all that ‘Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah….'”

I would comment further on that, but it wouldn’t amount to anything more than blah, blah, blah, blah, blah………..

Posted September 18, 2008 by David N. Peppler, Sr. in Humor, Uncategorized

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