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Can’t Do – Sermon Summary   Leave a comment

Selected passages from Exodus 3-4 and Mark 6.  10/5/8

I have had 6 knee surgeries.  The stories are long and I certainly won’t bore you with those here.  Following the last two procedures, I remember the my specialist going through a rather impressive list of things that I am no longer capable of performing.  He told me to avoid steps at all costs.  I should never get on my knees for any reason.  (It’s a good thing that being prostate before the Lord can be done spiritually).  When I sit, I should never cross my legs the way most men do.  On and on the list of things I can’t do goes.

When it comes to the church and God’s people, our attitudes and actions are what determine what we can and can’t do.  God’s people have a habit of learning the hard way that if we allow any of these to stand in the way of serving the Lord, the Lord will not be pleased with us. Read the rest of this entry »

Stand Firm – Sermon Summary   Leave a comment

Jude 17-25, 9/28/8

I love watching the weather channel when strong storms and hurricanes are imminent.  Call it my twisted sense of humor, but I get a chuckle out of watching the reporters trying to stand up in the face of heavy winds.  I was watching Fox News when hurricane Ike was coming into Galveston, Texas, and saw a report of Geraldo Rivera getting knocked over by a wave and tumbling across the screen.  Let’s face it, watching other people lose their footing can be quite humorous, especially when we know that they are not injured.  The funny video programs have made a fortune from these types of events caught on tape.

A message for the church today is that we need to be strong.  Be bold and courageous.  Stand firm, but don’t stand still.  Why?  Because the enemies of the Lord are working hard already and will increase their efforts to dissuade you from doing God’s will in His church. Read the rest of this entry »