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I was reading from the book of Esther this morning.  Within the first couple of chapters, it becomes obvious what needs to happen.  God will need someone of strong faith to find the courage to speak up boldly for Him and His people because the people of God are about to be wiped out.  While Mordecai was able to get Esther her opportunity to become the new queen, God was preparing her to learn her place not in society but before the King of kings.  Courage would be required of her at the risk of her own life.

God still needs people of strong faith to find the courage to speak up boldly for Him today.  Rethinking that statement, I am reminded that many Christian people automatically consider themselves disqualified because they don’t feel that their faith is strong enough.  From my perspective, it rarely is!  If we as God’s people feel that there must be some qualification, some credential, some list of skills and talents that need be met prior to speaking out for the Lord, then none of us would ever speak. 

Speaking out for the Lord should not require great faith or great courage because the Lord is always present to us when we speak for Him.  Knowing that He is present with us, the faith, courage and strength should automatically be present as a result.  As the Bible teaches us, if God is on our side, then who could possibly stand against us?

If people of faith on any level would simply realize that the courage and strength we need is readily available, then being the witness God wants us to be should not be a problem.  Why is it that some Christians hesitate in the face of opportunity?  Will you hesitate today?  I hope not.

Yes, this may be a backward approach to a blog about witnessing, but what I find difficult for some Christians to grasp is this sense that if we don’t generate the faith, courage and strength on our own, then our witness will be futile.  I want Christians to understand that we can turn to the Lord to help us obtain and enhance all of those qualities within us for His purposes.  This way, we give Him the credit for everything as we continue to strive to decrease so that He may increase.

Esther was going to need strength and courage.  She found her strength in the Lord.  With the Lord’s help, we also can obtain these qualities from Him as we allow Him to use them in and through us.  Speak up for the Lord today!

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