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I was going to entitle this post as “Models,” but decided that might draw some of the wrong attention.  When I was a younger lad, I used to thoroughly enjoy making models, such as model cars, tanks, and especially military ships such as aircraft carriers.  While I was never the best at painting all of those tiny parts before gluing them into their respective places, I found myself enjoying the detail work – a pleasure that has since left my world.

Becoming a visionary leader has removed much of my desire for detail work, yet there are times when I find myself actually missing this part of the process.  Having this thought recur this morning reminded me of the great joy I took in paying attention to the most minor of details.  Then I happened upon 1 Kings.

Those of you who are detail oriented will love the first several chapters of this book as it gives much detail in how Solomon had the temple and other buildings constructed.  There is great precision and care given to much minutia and the result must have been breathtaking.  So why do we pay attention to details?  In Solomon’s case, it was to build a house for the Lord and his desire was to make it absolutely perfect.  After all, this was going to be the place in which the Lord would dwell.

What does our worship look like today?  While churches have a wide variety of formulas and formats, sanctuaries and settings, what I find most important is the condition of our hearts as we approach the worship of our Lord.  Some practice liturgy, others lean toward letting the Spirit lead freely.  Some like quiet solomn worship while others can’t get it loud and vibrant enough.  Regardless of our style preferences, it is the heart of the worshipper that is most important to this minister.

Worship planning is detail work.  No matter what your style choice there should be careful planning to enhance a central theme to the day’s topic.  In the heart of each participant should be some detail work happening as well.  Are we coming to the throne of God seeking His forgiveness, grace, love and compassion?  Are we seeking to be entertained or to follow a stringent routine?  If something happens apart from the “regular schedule”, do we get upset and distracted?  Or are we simply coming for the purpose of gathering together and being open to whatever the Lord has in mind for us that day?

As soon as I get the opportunity, I think that I’m going to go buy myself a model aircraft carrier.  I seem to have lost touch with the world of detail work.  Mind you, my giftedness is for visionary leadership and this will always remain my forte.  But I think that revisiting the world of details will serve me well in several ways.  It will help me increase my appreciation for detailed oriented people.  It will help me be reminded that details are truly necessary in all areas of life, especially worship.  And it will help me to better understand the importance of working out the details of my faith and my heart as I approach the Lord in worship and in all I do.

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