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When I was growing up, there was an ice cream truck that came through our neighborhood every Saturday during the summer months.  Every time that I was out playing with my friends when the truck would come around, I would experience one of two strong emotions – elation or dejection.  I would be thrilled if I had remembered to have my quarters with me and devastated if I had forgotten.  The reason for this is that once you heard the music from that truck, you would never have enough time to go get your money because he would be gone by the time you would get back.

This, I believe, is the story of the “Parable of the Ten Virgins” from Matthew 25:1-13.  Not that they were waiting for ice cream, but they were waiting anxiously for their bridegroom.

Parables come in two basic forms.  One is a story with a surprise insertion of grace, such as the Prodigal son.  The other is a cause leading to an effect.  In our text today, for instance, the door is shut and those who were too late simply don’t get in.

The issue here is preparedness in the face of uncertainty.  Are you prepared for the Lord’s return?  Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ?

The arrival of the bridegroom in this parable was delayed.  Jesus’ return has not yet occurred and we can view this any way we want, but I feel that we should view this as opportunity to share our faith with even more people while we wait.

Some people seem to think that they are secure and going to heaven yet their relationship with the Lord is merely something in their mind – not a real relationship from the heart.  I say that those people are the ones who will miss heaven by 18-inches; Christ is in their heads but not their hearts.

The 2nd coming of Christ, known as the Parousia (pron. pair oo see’ ah) (<- evidence that phonetics is definitely not my thing), is not what causes people to make choices, but reveals their choice.

While we anticipate the return of the Lord, living in a world that seems to grow continually darker and darker in sin, will you be found as one who has your lamp lit?

We’re waiting for something far more important than some ice cream truck.  I recall how filled with joy I felt when I had prepared for the event and got the reward.  I also remember just how crushed I felt as I watched others get their special treats, knowing that I was being left out with no hope of participating. 

When Jesus returns and divides all things, you and I will either go to be with Him in heaven for all eternity or spend our eternal futures in the place Jesus called hell.  Personally, I have this wonderful feeling in my heart, knowing that I’m already prepared for heaven!  My prayer for you is that you will have peace in your heart by knowing that you know that you know which way you’ll be going.

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