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Jim and Casper Go to Church, by Jim Henderson & Matt Casper. BarnaBooks, Tyndale House Publishers.

Actually, I finished this a couple of days ago.

I must admit, this book has been an eye opener into a topic I have harped upon for years.  What do atheists think of church?  What do they think of particular churches with various styles?  Long story short, Jim had been in the pastorate for 30 years and hired an atheist to attend several churches with him.  This book is a compilation of their thoughts from these experiences.  Talk about interesting!

I have always given much thought to communication within the church and the need for simplicity to ensure message clarity.  I have always said that I’m not a big fan of “church words” because our non-churched members of society simply don’t understand that language any more – nor are they interested.

I hope to soon form a discussion group to get this book and meet periodically.  This is relevant information that all Christians should deeply consider.  Having never honestly read or heard such an open perspective from a person of non-faith, I found this work to go far beyond my always-been-churched mind.  This is a stretch very well worth every pain it caused in my head and heart.

Please read this book.  If you are within our congregation or the general community, I’d love to have us get together as a group for some candid conversation. If you cannot be part of a group like this, read the book anyway.  The conversation you will have with yourself should pay great dividends when you consider just what kind of message we truly send to non-Christians.

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  1. Thank you for your wonderfully kind words! Jim and I continue to talk to people all around the country about “church words,” among other things, and how the best way to reach outsiders is to join them, not demand they join you.

    Some pastors think going to Starbucks and creating “intentional friendships” is the way to go, but I’d say “no.” Just be a real and transparent person who happens to follow of Jesus and see what happens. I.e., stop “witnessing” and let others witness you.

    Thanks again for reading and writing…
    Matt Casper

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