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Moving Pains   Leave a comment

I’ve made more moves in my first 46 years of life that I can say that I honestly don’t care if I ever move again.  I would love to blame my parents for starting it all.  I was born in Seaford, Delaware and moved to North-Central Ohio while still a very small child.  However, we stayed put (for the most part) until after I graduated High School.

That’s when the real races began.  I would sit down and try to add together all the times I have moved from that time until now, but the headache it would cause is certainly not worth the effort.  For several years, I did have the move-once-a-year average easily accomplished.

So here I am, trying to recover from yet another move.  Mind you, the last several have been clearly God-driven moves so I’ll not complain too much……..maybe. Read the rest of this entry »