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I’ve made more moves in my first 46 years of life that I can say that I honestly don’t care if I ever move again.  I would love to blame my parents for starting it all.  I was born in Seaford, Delaware and moved to North-Central Ohio while still a very small child.  However, we stayed put (for the most part) until after I graduated High School.

That’s when the real races began.  I would sit down and try to add together all the times I have moved from that time until now, but the headache it would cause is certainly not worth the effort.  For several years, I did have the move-once-a-year average easily accomplished.

So here I am, trying to recover from yet another move.  Mind you, the last several have been clearly God-driven moves so I’ll not complain too much……..maybe.

The hassles of moving are certainly properly named.  There are times to organize how to pack what.  There frequently comes the issue of trying to sell some things not only because it hasn’t been used since 1942, but also because you simply don’t want to move it again.  Packing is delightful if you are the type of person that has no life at all and desire to keep it that way.  Cleaning is best done while packing, of course.  There are so many wonderful discoveries to be made when moving your teenage sons’ beds for the first time in years.  Oops, that was my bed too.

Arranging transportation is the next step to complete while you finish organizing all of those special treasures.  Thankfully, in the ministry that part is sometimes taken care of for you.  There are usually enough suckers, er, volunteers available to come pick up your stuff, toss it into someone elses truck, drive it to the new location and dump it in the yard.

Then, they just smile and leave.  Their part is done.  The reason they volunteered is to laugh at someone else having to go through the move.

Unpacking and organizing comes next; a task that can take years!  It’s a good thing that we never finished that job from the last move because it was easier to load those still-packed boxes for this move.  We’re still trying to figure out where some of our stuff came from, but we’re either putting it away, tossing it into the attic, or learning new box-stacking techniques taught to us in preacher school.

I long for the day of my last-ever move.  You know the one, where no boxes are required.  I won’t be able to take my luggage, my furniture, my storage stuff or even my pathetic attitude towards moving.  It’s that place where Jesus has already prepared my room.  While I do hope that there will be need for golf clubs and a TV, I know that there is absolutely nothing required on my part to get this room ready.

In fact, Jesus said that He was going to prepare my room for me.  I wish that He would also do that for the moves I make on earth because they truly are a pain in the rear.  But the room Jesus is preparing for me won’t allow for pain either.  The Bible teaches that in heaven there will be no more sorrow, sickness, pain or even tears – all common attributes to moving!

While I rejoice and greatly look forward to that final move, I will continue to plug away at being and doing everything the Lord inspires me to be and do.  I just hope and pray that any more moves He has in store for me will come with better boxes.  Otherwise, I’ll just be perfectly content right where He has placed me until my final move later!

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