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Just a Thought   2 comments

Today, I am preparing to celebrate Thanksgiving like most folks.  This year, a new question popped into my mind that I thought would be appropriate for everyone to consider: Am I more thankful for the blessings of God than for the God of the blessings?  Maybe instead of asking around the table what blessing each is thankful for we should ask why we are thankful for the blessing Giver. 

Think about it, and please do have a God-blessed Thanksgiving.

In Christian love, Dave

The Purpose of a Team – Sermon Summary   2 comments

Ephesians 4:1-16

While I divided this up into a two-part message, summarizing the point should not require nearly as much time or space.

I prefer the word “team” to a lot of the alternatives.  I’d much rather serve with a team than a committee, board, clique or even group.  In my mind, these words simply flip a trigger that tells me that one cannot become part of that because it is some form of exclusive club.  A team is something that I can be part of.  Not just a part, but a meaningful part.

In God’s team, aka the Body of Christ, aka the church, each and every player has a critical role to play. Read the rest of this entry »