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Today, I am preparing to celebrate Thanksgiving like most folks.  This year, a new question popped into my mind that I thought would be appropriate for everyone to consider: Am I more thankful for the blessings of God than for the God of the blessings?  Maybe instead of asking around the table what blessing each is thankful for we should ask why we are thankful for the blessing Giver. 

Think about it, and please do have a God-blessed Thanksgiving.

In Christian love, Dave

2 responses to “Just a Thought

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  1. I am most thankful that I have rarely gotten what I deserve, while at the same time I have gotten much of what I want.

    Thank You, Lord!

  2. We’re so quick to look to God when we need something, but how many of us look back to him after he answers our prayer?

    We are told in 1Thes.5:18 to give thanks in ALL circumstances. That means in the good times and in times of trial. That is hard to do.


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