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Luke 2:9-14.

When the angel appeared to the shepherds, the claim was that the news being delivered was that of great joy.  Not just any news, or news that causes a bit of a stir – but news that brings something incredible into the lives of all who hear, understand and believe.  Joy!

If there is anything that disappoints me today in some Christians is how there still exists a real lack of belief when God shows up.  The shepherds were terrified and they had every right to be.  Angelic appearances and the magnitude of God’s “glory” would overwhelm anybody.

I have met all kinds of people in my 46 years and the ones that still get me are the pessimists.  We knew a seminary student’s wife who was the most negative human I’ve ever encountered.  Nothing brought her joy.

Joy is something that goes far beyond anything that brings a smile to your face.  The joy of the Lord should permeate everything that makes you who and what you are.

Paul says that “joy” is a part of the fruit of the Spirit.

Finding joy is not running yourself to death in December, leaving nothing for loved ones or friends in January.

Joy is having Jesus in your heart and allowing the joy of salvation to permeate everything about your life.  It fills you in a way that nothing else is capable.

Joy has nothing to do with the Christmas season; it has everything to do with the Christ of the season.

Read that again.

Emmanuel; God with us.  God gives us good news of great JOY.  Joy can be found in Jesus.  Joy can by found by you today.  Regardless of this old world and all of your circumstances, joy can be found!

What is it that brings joy into your life?

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