Love – Sermon Summary   1 comment

Matthew 1:18-25.

God’s gift of love has positive effects on all of His people.  The gift of love is really God giving of Himself.  The Bible teaches us that God is love.  We see this as God cares for His people as a shepherd loving his flock.  The ultimate example of this is in the life, ministry and substitutionary sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  And we also see the gift in the Holy Spirit, sent to believers upon receiving the Lord into our hearts as our Counselor, Teacher, Encourager; the very presence of God with us – Emmanuel!

There are two ways that I see the love of God through the story of Joseph.

First, we see the remarkable power of grace and mercy to not have Mary killed.  According to Deuteronomy 22 as well as Leviticus, Joseph had legal rights to have Mary taken outside the city and stoned to death because she was pregnant and it wasn’t his child.

Joseph was good, kind, compassionate and generous.  We learn of this even before the angelic appearance as scripture says that Joseph “was a righteous man and did not want to expose her to public disgrace…” Matthew 1:19b, NIV.

Secondly we see Joseph giving an example of loving the Lord.  The text says that he did “as the angel had commanded” him to do.  Notice the command.  John 14:15 gives us the words of Jesus who says that if we love Him, we will obey Him.

I like what Henry Blackaby says in the Experiencing God studies when he simply reverses the phrase, saying that if we find ourselves having an obedience problem, it is a real indicator that we are having a love problem.  If we are not being obedient as God’s people, then we are showing that we are not loving God in the way that we are supposed to love Him.

Joseph was a person of grace and a person who loved God properly.  God loves us all so very much that He has provided us the gift of love; Himself.  May we love the Lord and be obedient as we continue to strive to live our lives for Him.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. this is a beautiful piece of writing. God’s grace indeed is everywhere, and totally forgiving. It is humbling.

    the love will flow to us, when we open our hearts. Be vulnerable.

    love is all.

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