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On my Nightstand – Crazy Love   Leave a comment

Francis Chan, Author.  David C. Cook, publisher.

I want to revisit this book as I have now completed it.  I had to take much time in reading this as each chapter threw me into some pretty intense introspection.   This is a remarkable book about living life in a radical Christian fashion.

I do recommend this book for all seeking to take their faith to new levels.  Mr. Chan has reminded me that one day I will stand before the Lord and have to answer the same question we’ll all face: “What did you do with the life I gave you?”

If you stop to think about every aspect of your life through that lens, things will change.  It may be gradual or instant, but either way, the changes will be dramatic and for the glory of God.

Temple Maintenance – Sermon Summary   Leave a comment

1 Corinthians 6:12-20.  A life of discipleship requires the full commitment of our minds, souls, and bodies to the Lord.

The church in Corinth evidently had fallen into the pagan trap of understanding a separation of body and soul.  Their practices had become quite sinful in that the things they did with their bodies were not considered “bad” since it had nothing to do with their spiritual condition.  Paul, of course, had to correct this thinking. Read the rest of this entry »

Being a Pastor   1 comment

There are days when being a Pastor is thrilling and days when it is an overbearing burden.  Get a group of clergy together and you’ll see both smiles and sighs.  Personally, I find the balance to be invigorating, even if exhausting.  But as for me and my heart; I love being a Pastor. Read the rest of this entry »

Shrinking – Sermon Summary   Leave a comment

John 1:10-18.  For a change, I’d like to break these verses down a bit instead of my usual narration of topic.

Verses 10-11.  God is the supreme Creator.  Yet His own creation chose not to know Him.  Can you imagine that reality?  Parents can often relate to this as their children seem to go through phases of ignoring them.  This, of course, is much deeper.  The entire Old Testament is a record of God’s own people leaving and coming back to Him as if He were some sort of grand buffet. Read the rest of this entry »

Peace – Sermon Summary   Leave a comment

Luke 2:21-38.  The role of Jesus was to bring God’s love to those who were anticipating it (as well as those not).  This sense of relief, or peace, should be present in Christians today. Read the rest of this entry »