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The only people who enjoy being in emergency rooms are those that work there.  That’s been my experience, anyway.

Years ago I worked for a security company that had a contract with a local hospital.  I worked the night shift for the most part.  My biggest fear was working the night shift on a weekend that happened also to be time for a full moon.  Why do people always go crazy on those days??

Sparing you many difficult stories of drunks, domestic fights, weekend warriors and other various encounters, I want to talk about one of the workers.

Here was a woman who absolutely loved her job.  She was an ER RN and thoroughly enjoyed busy nights.  Before you go writing her off as morbid, understand some very important things about her.

#1. This is what she was trained to handle.  Years of education paid off in her work as she knew what, when and how to do whatever was needed.

#2. This fit her personality perfectly.  OK, so she rode a Harley to work.  She was very enthusiastic and energetic in all phases of her life. 

#3. This is what she wanted to do.  Even she could not imagine herself doing anything else.  Being an RN in any other unit would not have helped because she lived for the fast-paced world of trauma.

I recently spent an afternoon in the ER of my hometown hospital, not as a visitor, but as a customer.  While I cannot pronounce the intestinal infection’s name I was diagnosed with, I can say that being in that particular hospital’s emergency room reminded me of my days in security there and a very special worker.

Working for the Lord isn’t always an easy thing to do.  There are days when things move slowly and days when things simply fly.  Each of us are gifted to do something for the Lord, but I feel that it goes deeper than that. 

God wants you to use your gift in such a way that it works naturally through your personality as well.  It involves your heart’s passion.  You know what it is that you would do if given the chance.  You have a dream of how you can serve the Lord.

Chances are, your dream, vision, gift, personality and passion can all work together because it is exactly why God made you the way He did.  Why would He do otherwise?

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