Shrinking – Sermon Summary   Leave a comment

John 1:10-18.  For a change, I’d like to break these verses down a bit instead of my usual narration of topic.

Verses 10-11.  God is the supreme Creator.  Yet His own creation chose not to know Him.  Can you imagine that reality?  Parents can often relate to this as their children seem to go through phases of ignoring them.  This, of course, is much deeper.  The entire Old Testament is a record of God’s own people leaving and coming back to Him as if He were some sort of grand buffet.

Verses 12-13.  Those who finally accept Him are given the greatest gift – the gift of becoming heirs; part of the very family of God.  This cannot be earned or bought, but is given freely by God Himself.

Verses 14-15.  God’s love for His creation is so intense that He chose to join us.  The word often translated “dwelt” I think is more rightly “tabernacled” – came to really BE with His own.

Verses 16-18.  We see God through Jesus.  He didn’t come to show us what Jesus was like but what God is like.  There are those who are champions of the faith and have done great things, but Jesus shows us the way to God by showing us the heart of God.

Personally, I think that verse 15 is the key because it takes my mind directly to John 3:30 that says God must increase and I must decrease.  Everything I do should be a growing tribute to God in me.  He deserves all of the credit and I should be getting less and less.  Church accomplishments must be credited to God and less to pats on our own backs.

Let us let our good deeds show so that God will get all the credit.  I want this year to be the year of much less Dave and much more of God!

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