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There are days when being a Pastor is thrilling and days when it is an overbearing burden.  Get a group of clergy together and you’ll see both smiles and sighs.  Personally, I find the balance to be invigorating, even if exhausting.  But as for me and my heart; I love being a Pastor.

If I couldn’t pray at my desk, to whose desk shall I go to pray?

If I couldn’t sit in my chair and be reminded of God’s support and security, to whose chair shall I go?

If I didn’t have an office to study and meditate upon God’s word and several study helps, then to whose study shall I go to find these tools and this time?

If I didn’t have a room to play songs of worship and praise where I could sing along with all of my heart, then where is the room with the music for me to go worship in song?

If I didn’t have God’s Spirit within me to lift up the sick and lonely, then where would I find my inspiration to lift up and encourage others?

If I live to see tomorrow to do all of this and even more in God’s Kingdom work, then shall I not praise Him for another opportunity to serve the Lord?

If I had no Lord, why would I do any of this?

Pastors, be thankful for your calling.  Parishioners, be thankful for Pastors.

One response to “Being a Pastor

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  1. Thanks for that encouraging post! As a pastor, I’m thankful for friends who are also pastors who support one another in our calling and journey.

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