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March 1, 1999 – March 1, 2009.

How does one celebrate their 10-year anniversary of full-time ministry?  Do I try to list names of all the folks who have made this such a blessing?  Do I recall accomplishments as if I’m retiring?  Do I go back into my calling period and reflect upon all of those people God put in my path as mentors and helpers?  Do I say “Hi Mom!” and wave at the camera?

If I dare try to list the names of those God has placed in my life as special mentors and helpers, I will certainly miss some.  Some may not wish to have their names published on the Internet.  All I know is this: God’s call on my life was and remains crystal clear.  He gets all the credit and glory for everything I am and do. Read the rest of this entry »

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Luke 5:15-16.  Real Followers series, pt.4

Believers in Jesus Christ have direct access to the Lord through prayer.  This connection is essential for a vital relationship with God.

Prayer to the soul is much like food to the body.  Our bodies gain energy when they are fed.  The energy lasts for a period of time and then more food is required.  I believe that prayer is the spiritual equivalent.

One aspect of today’s passage is that Jesus sought out “lonely places” for prayer.  When we hear the word lonely, we have a sense of emptiness, absence, even neglect.  Yet what we find as Christians in our “quiet time” should be the polar opposite.  It is here that we find God.  It is here that we experience our primary spiritual feeding time.  There is no loneliness when we are connected with the Lord. Read the rest of this entry »

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Psalm 1:1-3.  Real Followers series, pt.3

God’s word can help all people of all walks of life.  It is God’s self-revelation to mankind and encourages us on many levels.

It can also be easily misunderstood and misused. 

I once heard someone giving advice to a person feeling down.  They suggested that the person read Job to understand that sometimes bad things really do happen to good people.  I cannot imagine worse advice.  To me, if you’re feeling down and out what you need to be reading is Philippians.  Paul was taking yet another shot on the chin for the Gospel, yet he writes this great account of rejoicing and being glad in the Lord in spite of his circumstances.  Rejoice always! Read the rest of this entry »

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2 Corinthians 5:17.  Series Real Followers, pt.2

The cleansing that comes from believing in God is a continuous process.  Becoming more like Christ is not instantaneous.  One reason that some Christians struggle with growing as a disciple is that it requires change.  For some, “change” is a dirty word.

There are some things in life that have had to change for me over the years.  For example, as a boy my favorite breakfast was cinnamon-sugar toast.  I’d make 4 pieces of toast, let them cool a bit so that I could pile on more butter, add a layer of sugar about 1/4 inch thick on top of that, then coat that with enough cinnamon so that you couldn’t tell how much sugar was piled there (in case Mom walked in).

This morning, I had some whole grain, multi-grain, all wheat some kind of good for you bread.  I chased that down with some sort of healthy cereal.  I don’t know what it was, but it had some grain in it too that had no taste but made up for it in hardness.  My teeth still hurt from whatever that crunchy stuff was. Read the rest of this entry »

The Adventure Begins – Sermon Summary   1 comment

Begin series Real Followers.  Romans 10:9-10.

In order to be a real follower of Jesus Christ, one must have a starting point.  It begins in your heart, but it doesn’t stop there.

I am so glad that the Great Commission is so very clear.  It does not say to go make church members, or Baptists, committee members or good givers.  It says to go and make “disciples.”  Why do so many Christians make discipleship out to be such a difficult thing?  Why do others make it out to merely being a Christian?  What is a disciple? Read the rest of this entry »