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Jonah 2.

It is interesting to read this fascinating literature.  One of the conventions of Hebrew poetry is that the verbs can be translated in either the present or the past tense.  Read it again as if it is being said now.

Jonah is committing to do what the Lord asks of him.  He is making a vow, much like the sailors from chapter 1 who had not believed in the Lord previously.  Their vow is in the sense of knowing God in a whole new light.  In their case, for the first time.

Jonah’s vow is one out of respect for God who is now recognized in a whole new light.  His vow has nothing to do with Nineveh, but has everything to do with obedience.  That is why 3:1 is a reinstatement of the command to go to Nineveh.

Prayer has various motivations.  As much as I would love to really bash Jonah for only praying “in case of emergency,” at least he knew enough to pray.  We all must know that prayer is such a convenient connection to the Lord that we really must utilize it frequently.  God will help you in times of extreme need, but He also helps when not much is happening.

Why would God save Jonah?  Why would He save you and me in times of trial?  The Lord has a specific purpose for all of us.  Jonah’s was to preach to Nineveh in this instance.  Our purpose is to share God’s love to the world.

God honors authentic commitments!

Sometimes, we have to be knocked down in order to wake up and call out to God like He wants us to.  Sometimes, we need to have a fresh, new experience with the Lord; to really see Him in a whole new light.

The key is to be open to His leadership through thick or thin.  God desires all who love Him to be obedient to Him.  He will pull you out of the rubble of your circumstances if you trust in Him and allow Him to save the way He desires. 

He really will increase if we will be smart enough to decrease and allow God to be God!

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