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March 1, 1999 – March 1, 2009.

How does one celebrate their 10-year anniversary of full-time ministry?  Do I try to list names of all the folks who have made this such a blessing?  Do I recall accomplishments as if I’m retiring?  Do I go back into my calling period and reflect upon all of those people God put in my path as mentors and helpers?  Do I say “Hi Mom!” and wave at the camera?

If I dare try to list the names of those God has placed in my life as special mentors and helpers, I will certainly miss some.  Some may not wish to have their names published on the Internet.  All I know is this: God’s call on my life was and remains crystal clear.  He gets all the credit and glory for everything I am and do.

That said, I want to mention some folks anyway with a quick blurb of why I thank God for you.  Should I omit any close friends or mentors, know that it is entirely accidental (given that my memory continues to deteriorate along with my disappearing hairline).

My family.  They better come first!  Diane has been the most loving and supporting wife through the trials and tribulations of ministry and remains my very best friend in the world.  Mom has always been a great example of faith as well as being full of support, love, and encouragement.  Dad has been a wonderful example of Bible reading and prayer.  Bonnie is the best sister for whom I could ask. 

My children, David, Jr., Derek and Doug are simply the greatest kids.  Having a father in ministry is not an easy task and I love them dearly for understanding how God’s calling has had to effect all of our lives.

God has placed many mentors along this journey’s path that have played vital roles in keeping me on track.

Gene Hill was my pastor when God called.  He was a great encourager in helping me discern the call and how to find faith enough to commit to it.

Jim Palmer has always been my biggest cheerleader and fan and was a tremendous prayer warrior for me in learning how to follow God’s calling.

Ron Williams took me under his wing when I started educating and became a great friend and instructor.

Jody Griffin remains my best buddy on the planet.  He and I connected on a Gardner-Webb ministry day and have been wonderful friends since. 

Paul Johnson was my first Director of Missions and an incredible help in my first experience as pastor.  He & Vera will always get credit for keeping us sane through those early learning years.

Charles Clay taught me an incredibly important lesson for a minister: it’s OK to be myself!

Timmy Irving remains as one who will always have a special place in my heart.  He added to the “be yourself” lesson and added a lesson in intense spirituality that I will never forget.

Bailey Newton and Marion Moss helped make my brief time at Bullock a true joy.  While there, I learned who I am as a minister.

Bill & Anita Wilson were my favorite people in all of Chase City.  While at Bethel, I learned what it means to be on mission.

David Giles, Paul Freed, and Martha Webb remain great friends from Glenn Memorial.  Each played a vital role in helping me understand my own development as a leader.

John Chandler remains a friend and great source of encouragement, as does Mitch Luckie, Jeff Cranford and Leslie Straw.

There have been countless more friends who have helped along the way at each place God has taken me and I regret that I don’t have the time to reflect here how much all have meant to me.

As I embark upon the next 10 years, being now a full-time husband & father, full-time minister, and full-time student, I greatly look forward to how many new names and memories will be generated along the way.  God has brought us to Muddy Creek now, and my prayer is that He will keep us here for a long time to come.

Just by reading this, you are an important part of God’s ministry in my life.  Putting up with and listening to me over the years or for however long you have listened is something I deeply appreciate.  My prayer is that the next 10 years are just as fulfilling as the first 10 have been.   

May God bless you as He has blessed me through you!

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