Uncovered Dishes – Sermon Summary   Leave a comment

Hebrews 10:23-25.  Real Followers series part 5.

So far I have shared that real followers of Jesus Christ believe in Jesus, work at constant spiritual growth, immerse themselves in God’s word, and communicate with the Lord regularly if not frequently through prayer.

Today I focus on fellowship.  God calls the church to community.  There are great benefits in joining together for the Lord’s Kingdom work.  From today’s text, I see three things the church should do together.

1. Verse 23.  Hold on to the hope we have in Jesus.  This hope is something that helps us today and tomorrow.  Hope is what helps us maintain our daily livelihood in that we know that the Lord is with us and can walk in the confidence of His presence.  Our hope for tomorrow is trusting that the Lord will one day return and that we will be with Him in heaven for all eternity.  We must not waver from this hope we have because God is faithful to us.  He always has been, still is, and forever shall be.

2. Verse 24.  We must use our minds together.  To “consider” is to think and if we abide by God’s word that reminds us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds in Christ, then we can collectively see some great things achieved in His kingdom work.  It says that we should “provoke” one another into good deeds.  That work can also be translated “irritate” or even “pester.”  Of course, this is to be read in the good sense!  Let us push one another in encouragement into good deeds for His sake.  Authentic Christian love is expressed in good deeds.

3. Verse 25.  Don’t give up.  Never give up moving forward together as a family unit.  Families squabble and bicker sometimes and this causes some to leave.  But Christians are urged to never give up on one another as God never gives up on us.  After all, the Day of the Lord is approaching and we have a job to do together as His children until He arrives.

The early church was a movement.  Read the book of Acts and you’ll see.  The church of America is often seen as an institution.  No wonder people rebel and leave.  The church of America today needs to return to the model of being a movement.  Only God can provide such a thing, and we each have the capacity as individuals and as churches to allow His Spirit to begin such a radical new event.  Personally, I see this as essential.

Being part of a church family is a good thing.  But it should be a two-fold relationship.  You should have opportunity to grow spiritually and be on mission.  You should also be valued by your church as a vital part of the body of Christ.  If you feel that you are not receiving proper input or are more of a number than a family member, then perhaps you’re in the wrong congregation. 

Be part of God’s family and His church.  He has gifted you uniquely into His service and desires for you to join together with others of His children.  His kingdom work awaits and the joy of fellowship is yours for the taking!

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