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A Servant’s Attitude – Sermon Summary   1 comment

Mark 10:42-45.  Real Followers series, pt.7 (conclusion).

James and John asked the wrong question.  The other 10 had the wrong reaction.  Jesus made it right.

James and John had approached Jesus prior to today’s text and asked if they could be seated on either side of Jesus in His kingdom.  There are no higher seats one could ask to fill.  The other 10 became “indignant” with them.  This could be motivated in one of three ways: either they were jealous that they didn’t think of it first, they felt that they also were deserving of those seats, or that nobody had the right to ask such a question.  Personally, I think it was a combination of the first two although the third is what we all hope they meant.  Somehow, the word “indignant” makes me stick with my original conclusion. Read the rest of this entry »

Seeing is Believing – Sermon Summary   2 comments

Acts 4:13-20.  Real Followers series, pt.6

So there I was, sitting in a chair facing the church with Diane standing lovingly behind me.  I couldn’t kneel, so the chair was mandatory.  The first person in line to lay hands on me for my ordination was Dr. Johnson, dean of my school.  He had delivered what I thought was a perfect message.  When laying on hands, usually one is encouraged to say a small prayer or offer words of encouragement.  Dr. Johnson approached me and I waited in eager anticipation for what was bound to be some of the most prophetic words I would ever hear in my life.  He placed his hands on my head, leaned in close, and spoke into my ear, “Dave, never resign on a Monday.” 

And he walked away.  Planning for tears and landing in full chuckle, I thought it was a great joke.  10 years later, I find that those truly were some of the most helpful words ever spoken to a young minister.  But I digress from the point. Read the rest of this entry »