King of Hearts – Sermon Summary   Leave a comment

John 15:9-17.

I want the world to know that this message was inspired by my youngest son, Doug.  He placed the title in my mind and God took it from there.  Thank you, Doug, for being a great son, cool friend, and inspiration to me!

Who is God and how are we supposed to understand Him?  Is He the Almighty One on His throne, faithful friend and daily companion, or somehow both?  How are we supposed to relate to Him if we cannot truly understand Him?

I remember growing up and hearing preachers use these words; omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent.  I never seem to remember them giving anything that resembled a simple explanation, however.  We preachers tend to do that from time to time just to keep folk honest I guess.

Omnipotent.  Psalm 147:4-5.   God is all-powerful.  Only He can truly do all things.  He alone is responsible for creation, no matter what you hear otherwise. 

Omniscient.  Psalm 94:11 says that the Lord knows the thoughts of a man.  He is all-knowing.  He knows all of our thoughts and the motivations behind them.  He knows each one of our attitudes and emotions as well as everything else that can be known.

Omnipresent.  Psalm 46:1.  He is present in all things.  He is here with us as we worship as well as in the church down the street.  He is Spirit and alone is capable of being with you and with me at the same time.

Sometimes, I get caught up in my studies a bit too deeply.  I am fascinated by learning; I love to learn the Bible and its background information.  I love to learn how God loves us and ways that He works in our world today.  I seemingly am not happy if I’m not learning something about God.

It can be a bit dangerous to get overly caught up in this cycle.  Why?  Because there seem to be times in my life when I am so intrigued by just how big God really is that I can lose sight of Him. 

Remember, God is personal and desires personal relationships with us all.  If God has the power to be on the throne, then He has the power to be by my side.  If God has the power to be King of the universe, then He has the power to be in my heart.

Maybe instead of trying to figure out why God doesn’t answer my prayer when or how I want, I should celebrate prayer and that I have a God I can communicate with through it.

Instead of trying to figure out the Bible, interpretations and deep theological thoughts, I should celebrate God’s word and the fact that I can hold it in my hands.

Instead of trying to figure out how God can relate to me personally, I should celebrate my personal relationship with God.

Paul told the church in Corinth that “Knowledge puffs up, but love builds up.” (1 Cor. 8:1, NIV). 

Perhaps there are times when I am simply asking the wrong question.  Instead of asking if God is King OF my heart I should ask if God is King IN my heart.

So here is my challenge to us all for this week: instead of trying to figure out God or anything about Him, just celebrate God.  Instead of trying to focus on what Jesus said or did, celebrate the fact of Jesus.

It’s a return of the “WOW” factor.  Worship God just because He is God.  If we can do this, then maybe the words of the song really will come true; the things of earth really will become strangely dim. 

That includes whatever stress or worry you have on your heart right now!

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