A Servant’s Love – Sermon Summary   Leave a comment

John 12:20-33.

If you just glance at this passage, you could conclude that the Greeks who wanted to approach Jesus never received an answer to their request.  I think otherwise.  Another feature in this passage is Jesus’ declaration of the time finally being at hand.  How many other times in reading the Gospels have we heard Him declare that His time had “not yet” come?

Scripture was about to be fulfilled.  There was only one way for this to happen.

Jesus offers reflections on His own death in verses 24-27 that show us three very important points.

  1. There is a law in nature that demands death if there is to be more life.
  2. There is a principle of discipleship that demands death to self-interest in order to have life eternal.
  3. The master of creation is not exempt from the principles of death and life. 

Jesus embraced God’s will.  The job of a servant is to serve.  Jesus came to serve but what we find in him is that he did not come to serve out of obligation but out of a loving heart.  It wasn’t His job to serve, it was His desire!

Jesus knew that when He would be “lifted up”, read “crucified”, that this would be the event that would result in Him becoming available to all men.  This was the divine purpose of Jesus.  This (v.33) was also the answer to those seeking Jesus at the beginning of our passage.

Jesus truly gave us His all.

The life we have within us cannot be fulfilled unless we yield ourselves to God and allow Him to plant us.  We must die to self so that we may live unto God.  Read Romans 6:1-14.

Christianity shouldn’t be something we “have to” do.  Why are you in church?  Why do you behave?  Why do you watch your mouth, live honestly, and love your neighbor?  If you feel like it is because you are supposed to, then you are missing the point completely.

If I “have to,” then it becomes quite easy to see this as an obligation that comes with options.  If I “want to”, now you’re talking about a completely different ballgame.

We should want to be in church, watch our mouths, behave, live honestly and love our neighbors.  If we want to, then the lens we view life through shows us a new, great and glorious picture.

You cannot completely live the life God wants you to live unless you are completely committed to Him.  When you commit to Him, your “have to” becomes your “want to”, and things in your life change dramatically.

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