A Sunday Walk – Sermon Summary   Leave a comment

Luke 24:13-35.

Sometimes we have to be good and confused in order for things to become clear for us.  Take these disciples, for instance.  They’re walking home on what we know as Resurrection Day, sad because of the crucifixion yet confused because they had heard that Jesus was risen.  But they didn’t stick around to find out with certainty, so they walk along confused and frustrated.  Jesus appears and they still don’t get it but soon it becomes clear, and the results of their encounter should show us three things every Christian should possess.

1.  A desire to draw nearer.  They urged Jesus “strongly” to stay with them because things were starting to make sense with His teaching.  This desire in us should be stronger than any craving.  Whenever I go home to Ohio, I develop a craving.  There is this pizza place back home, Coccia House, that makes the best pizza I’ve ever known.  Have you ever gone out of your way to satisfy a craving?  This should also be the attitude we possess when it concerns our relationship with the Lord.  We need to desire to draw nearer to Him every day.  Be willing to work at making closeness to God a priority.  You will find it much like being engaged to be married – you simply cannot get enough time with the one you love.  It is anticipation; excitement!

2. A burning heart.  The disciples said that their hearts burned within them as Jesus taught them scriptures.  A burning heart in our relationship with God should be that of a deep love.  No greater contentment exists then spending quantity and quality time with the one you love the most.  This deep love brings an overwhelming sense of satisfaction and serenity.  I think of sitting at the beach, or staring at the mountains, or even at a campfire or fireplace.  There is total peace in my heart.

3.  A passion to share.  The disciples couldn’t wait to tell what they had experienced.  The text indicates that they hurried back to tell the others.  They had the greatest news on the planet – how could they not want to tell?  That would be like Diane coming back from the doctor knowing that we were going to be parents and not telling me.  Of course she is going to tell, and with great enthusiasm.  My 16-year-old will soon get his license, you know how he is going to show it off.  We, like these disciples, have the greatest news of all time – Jesus is alive and wants everybody to come to him.  How could we possibly want to keep this to ourselves?

You see, when Christians get excited and tell others about the Lord, others develop a desire to draw nearer, then a burning heart, then they can’t help but develop a passion to share also.  This is a cycle of great and Godly things.

What is really cool is how in the next verse, Jesus shows up.  When God’s people get excited about their relationship with Him and start doing things for Him, He shows up!

…and the excitement continues to grow!

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