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Slippery Sublety – Sermon Summary   Leave a comment

Genesis 3:8-15.

Living right is full of distracting temptations.  Last week we looked at Ezekiel as he witnessed the valley of dry bones coming together, with muscle forming and tissue developing, and the four winds of God’s Spirit entering the bodies to produce a mighty army – that’s us!

So as we move forward and prepare to think forward as a church, allow me to offer a word of warning. Read the rest of this entry »

It’s Alive! – Sermon Summary   Leave a comment

Ezekiel 37:1-14.

Ezekiel’s name means “God Strengthens”, or “Strengthened by God.”  He was a priest who became a prophet and acted out his bizarre visions instead of just telling them.  His messages to the people of God came in three phases: 1) Warning of the Fall of Israel, 2) God’s deliverance was going to be slow, and 3) There is hope for God’s people.  Get ready!

How can any church experience revival today? Read the rest of this entry »

Transitions – Sermon Summary   Leave a comment

Acts 1:15-26

Transitions indicate change, something that some people embrace and others detest.  How should God’s people deal with transitions?  After all, transitions are important and usually necessary.  Diane recently bought new glasses with transition lenses.  The purpose of these lenses is to protect the eye from harm while providing the best atmosphere for vision.  I believe that we can find a word for the church in this. Read the rest of this entry »