Slippery Sublety – Sermon Summary   Leave a comment

Genesis 3:8-15.

Living right is full of distracting temptations.  Last week we looked at Ezekiel as he witnessed the valley of dry bones coming together, with muscle forming and tissue developing, and the four winds of God’s Spirit entering the bodies to produce a mighty army – that’s us!

So as we move forward and prepare to think forward as a church, allow me to offer a word of warning.

Any time that God’s people start moving forward, Satan will be unhappy and the spiritual target on our backs will most certainly grow.  Temptations will multiply and our guards had better be up.  So as we celebrate Communion today, let us do as scripture instructs and examine our hearts before we partake.

1 Corinthians 11:26-29.

Satan’s biggest, most effective weapon is subtlety.  Go ahead, tell that little white lie because nobody will get hurt.  Nobody will notice if you only take a little.  If the church has plenty of money, why tithe?  Stuff like that.

What happens in verses 11-15 of today’s text always enters my mind as a comedy routine.  Let’s play The Blame Game!  Adam – it was her fault.  Eve – it was the snake’s fault.  After all, every time we get caught in the act of anything these days, the first reaction is to find someone else to blame, right?

Paul shows us in Romans 7:14-21 a basic truth.  All believers struggle.  Forgiveness is promised to those who earnestly repent but that does NOT give us the freedom to sin all the more.  Do you really want to mess up more so that you’ll receive more forgiveness?  That’s just silly.

Romans 6:1-4.

There is bad news and great news – judgment is coming!  Judgment on earth is temporary at best.  God’s final judgment is coming.  Where are you?  What have you done with all that God has given you?  I cannot judge and will not but God will.  The great news is that His judgments will be merciful and fair.  The question of your life is this: are you prepared to face God’s judgment?

Satan is already plotting to attack this church, but he will do it through subtlety – he will do it one person at a time.  I can guarantee each one of you this one thing – his target is each and every one of us.

Now is the time to examine our hearts.

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