Never Alone – Always Say Never Series, pt. 1   Leave a comment

Joshua 1:5b, “As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you” (NIV).

My final day of training at the radio station.  My trainer was in full “never do this” mode in his final teachings.  We had just painted the studio black and put in new dark blue carpeting – really cool looking.  The night was almost done and we were both getting pretty punchy.  He walked into the studio with a bottle of “white out” for his final joke, held it up high and said, “Never do this.”  Throwing it to the floor in order to make me think it would explode, it actually did explode!  We were cleaning for quite some time after our shift because white-out on new dark blue carpet and black paint seemed to stand out for some reason.

We are always told that “never” is always a bad word.  Never do this, never do that, never let this happen, etc.  I think that there are times that the word never can be a good thing.  For a Christian, it can be a very good word.God’s promise to Joshua is the same promise that everyone can rely upon today.  Choosing to accept the Lord into your life means never having to experience loneliness again.

Psalm 46:1.  Life happens, but God is always present to us, even in times of trouble.  Diane was recently involved in an accident.  I’ve had a couple of those myself.  God was there and we remained calm.  He is our protection and our refuge, especially in times of trouble.

Matthew 28:20.  He is present at all times.  He never turns His back on us or takes His eyes off us or gives up on us.  He is always with us and always shall be.  Our problems begin as Christians when we take our eyes off of Him, give up on Him, and turn our backs on Him.

John 6:37.  He will never forsake His presence.  He never has and never will turn His back on you.  His desire is for all people to come to Him for eternal life.  Hell was not created for people, so why would anybody reject the Lord and choose punishment?

Romans 8:38-39.  Why when we sin do we hide?  Adam and Eve hid in the garden after they had eaten the forbidden fruit.  God’s love is present for us at all times too and is so strong that He is eager to forgive us if we would only come to Him and confess.  His love is strong and passionately desiring a growing, deep relationship with us.

2 Timothy 4:16-18.  The presence of the Lord is even stronger when others fail us.  Paul talks about how everybody abandoned him in times of trial and trouble.  But then he added these marvelous words, “But the Lord stood by my side…”

Even the best of God’s people will let you down from time to time.  Loneliness happens, but never needs to.  Jesus was abandoned during his arrest.  Stephen was alone when he was stoned, but he saw heaven opened as assurance that he was not alone.

John 14:16-17.  We are promised the presence of His very Spirit.  When we give our heart to God, He gives us a piece of His heart too, the Holy Spirit.  Only a living God could do that.  Only a loving God would do that.

Perhaps you feel like you’re all alone in life.  Something is missing.  Ask the Lord to forgive your sins and come into your heart.  He alone can fill the God-shaped hole in your heart.

Christians – are you feeling lonely lately?  Maybe you’ve suffered some trauma or trying circumstances.  These things can always be negative.  This is the time to turn TO God, not away from Him.  Stop trying to go it alone because you’re not.

You are never alone!

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