Never the Same – Always Say Never pt. 4   Leave a comment

2 Corinthians 5:14-17.

Sometimes things are said or we experience events that make an incredible impression.  They have such an impact that they change our perspective or point of view.  I was told of a man who was pulled over for speeding even though he had just been passed by another motorist.  Complaining about how justice was not being served, the man quickly changed his tune when the officer asked him if he had ever gone fishing.  Thinking that conversing with a fellow good old boy would lead to the dismissal of a sure ticket, he acknowledged.  Everything changed when the officer asked the next question; “Ever catch ’em all?”When we become Christians dramatic changes happen within us.  Let me tag that statement with a warning – the world around us do not change.  People will still be dishonest, abusive, and perhaps even more harsh than what they were before.

When we accept Christ, a lot of things change including our attitude towards:

  • right and wrong behavior
  • the church
  • other Christians
  • non-believers

Some claiming to be Christians have experienced such little changes that it seems right to question the authenticity of their decision.  For some, the “old” stays.  One thing that does not change is our capability to sin.

Some of this is the church’s fault.  We either fail to assimilate new Christians into the family of God or try to make their conversion into not only disciples of the Lord but also try to make them into “church people.”  My Bible says that we are to make disciples, not Baptists, or Methodists or any other denominational beings.

Part of the danger in this is that we tend to put out these raging fires of enthusiasm.  When we try to change people we are potentially robbing them of their uniqueness in God’s Kingdom work.  This is robbing them, robbing the church, and robbing God.  Many churches I’ve dealt with feel that their goal is to fill their church as long as it is with people just like them.

That’s just wrong!

There are many events and activities that God’s people can get involved in that will change their lives forever.  Here are a few that had a dramatic effect on me.

  • My first teaching experience with a youth VBS class
  • My first mission trip leading youth to minister to some inner city kids
  • My first international mission trip to Brazil
  • Responding to Disaster Relief efforts

When we get excited about our faith and get involved in His Kingdom work, the changes in us are dramatic and permanent.  You will never be the same!

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