Puzzle Pieces – Sermon Summary   Leave a comment

1 Corinthians 12:1-12.

I love “working” a puzzle.  Diane and I will get one started once in a while and it won’t take long for Derek and Doug to join us.  While we may not be the speediest of puzzlists around the world, it is always a fun thing to do.  There is only one time when putting together a puzzle results in frustration and aggravation – when a piece is missing!

God puts the church together much like a puzzle.  There are pieces of various sizes and shapes.  They are mixed and matched and pieced together in such a way that we can see in time precisely how He formulates the portrait known as His church.

These verses show some basic principles for understanding the church.  God is the architect and deliberately puts diversified parts into His masterpiece.  Because of His great love and sovereignty we can understand the thrill of unity absent uniformity.  Chapter 13 in this book helps us to understand that love must always be the motivation we use when exercising our gifts and service.  Passages such as Ephesians 4:11-13 and 1 Peter 4:10 also help us remember that each part has a specific role to play and that if those roles are not played, the resulting picture is that of a puzzle without all of the pieces.

Have you ever seen one?  It is aggravating because you can tell that it just isn’t right; it isn’t completed.

So how does one discern their gift?  May I suggest some simple steps to get you started?

  1. Prayer.  If prayer isn’t part of every aspect of our Christian walk, then we probably have bigger problems than trying to figure out what our gifts are.
  2. Develop close Christian relationships.  You will find yourself responding to needs within the body of Christ.
  3. Allow the church to share what they see in you.  Your gifts will be identified by the believers you see, worship, and work with on a regular basis.
  4. As your gifts become identified, seek out opportunities to use these very gifts.
  5. Continue exercising spiritual disciplines.  Read your Bible daily.  Pray for others.  Give without hesitation.

The closer you get to someone the easier it is to hear them whisper.  God can be found in the still, small voice just like He was for Ezekiel.  He has a master plan for us as individuals and the church.  The closer we draw to Him, the clearer His instructions will become.

Don’t be the missing piece to God’s puzzle.  There is danger in neglecting the gift God has given you.

I wonder what portrait God is creating from our puzzle.

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