Season of Commitment – Sermon Summary   1 comment

Deuteronomy 26:1-11

The Season of Lent is a season of commitment.  It is a time to devote ourselves to spiritual disciplines in order to draw nearer to our Lord.  There are many such spiritual disciplines including prayer & meditation, Bible study, etc., but today I want to focus on the act of worship known as giving.

Why give to the church?

Every church has money problems.  Some have too little or none and cannot afford to support a minister or mission efforts.  Some have just enough to get by and do not have any room for risks or potential ministries endeavors.  Some have money in the bank but cannot decide what the correct course of action should be for that money and it sits there collecting dust.

There is a difference between the tithe and the offering.  Our text today talks about the tithe.  The firstfruits are for God’s kingdom work through the church.  Old Testament passages talk much about 10%.  New Testament thinking points to devoting all to the Lord and committing it to His work, giving from that to support the church.  Jesus said that we should give to Caesar what is his, but also give to God what is His.  We give it to the church, and then the church has the responsibility of being good stewards with that which is received.

This giving is done in the spirit of love for God.  He has blessed and delivered in your life from time past to today.  His greatest work in your life is that He provided a Savior in Jesus Christ.  We do not give thanks to him because we have something to give, but for his redemptive work in our lives.

You either give faithfully according to his instructions or you do not.  There is no middle ground here.  Tithing is a spiritual discipline and cannot be excused.

And this is important; the balance of the church savings account cannot influence your giving.  Whether the church has much or none, this discipline is about your faithfulness and commitment to the Lord.  You have a responsibility to be a good steward.  Once you give, the church has a responsibility to be a good steward as well.

Verse 11 describes the motivation – worship!  We worship God for who he is, what he has done to provide salvation, and his continuous redemptive work in our lives.  We are to worship him individually and in community.

Several years ago I was on a mission trip to Brazil.  This tiny church was filled with people who make American poverty look like riches.  They didn’t pass an offering plate but opened a box at the front.  While a song played, the few who could give came forward and put their tithes into the box, usually just a coin or two.  But the attitude exhibited during this activity was amazing.  These people were thrilled to give because they knew of God’s great love for them.  The rest of the congregation, even though they had nothing to give, celebrated God’s blessings in their lives as well as for those who could actually give.  There were no social issues or feelings of despair or grandeur.  They were loving the Lord and it showed!

Worshiping the Lord is to be our motivation for all things; teaching, preaching, mission work, and yes, even our giving.  How do you show your commitment to God?

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  1. Thanks, Dave, for this Pep Talk. Too few ministers talk about giving and tithing. Linking it directly to our worship of God gives it a greater dimension than giving from any other motivation.

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