The Blunt Truth – Sermon Summary   Leave a comment

Luke 13:1-9.

Do you know anyone who is very blunt in their speech?  Are you a blunt person?  One thing I like about blunt people is that you never have to guess what is on their minds or where you stand with them.  Jesus had a conversation in which he was quite blunt with the truth of repentance.

Vv. 1-5.

Repentance means to turn away, presumably confess a sin and then take deliberate action to not commit the sin again.  It it a change of attitude and activity.

Jesus talks about two incidents that involve tragedy, one man-caused and the other accidental.  Key to the story is that he ends both with the same phrase, essentially “repent or perish.”

It was common during this time to equate wealth and health with divine favor.  Additionally, it was common to equate poverty and sickness with divine punishment.  If things were fine and you had money, God must really be blessing you.  If you had disease or were poor, God must be punishing you for something.  There are still many today who have the same feelings and you can see it expressed in the “Prosperity Gospel” being preached by some popular figures.

I think that Jesus is saying here that everybody has an obligation to repent or perish.  Our life circumstances should in no way dictate our need to repent of our sins.  We must belong to the Lord and not link that relationship to our joys or sorrows or anything else.  Everyone must repent or perish – period.

Vv. 6-9.

Temporarily, God’s mercy is triumphant over God’s judgment.  Here is what I mean by that: It is by the grace of God that Jesus Christ has not returned yet to set all things in order and eternity into motion.  The “end time” has not yet begun.  Because he has not yet ended all things, you still have an opportunity to receive Jesus Christ into your life as your Savior and Lord.

Read 2 Peter 3:8-9.  God desires that all people come to him for salvation and I believe that we can see today as yet one more opportunity to invite him in.  You still have time to repent but that time is running out.  If you are waiting to become a Christian for whatever reason, you are taking the biggest risk of all time!

You never know when your time will be up.  Ask my aunt who lost her husband in his 40s when he dropped dead of a heart attack.  Ask the family of a ball player who dropped dead after practice.  Each day of life is a day closer to the end.  You may live a long healthy life or you may get run off the road on your way home from church today.

If you do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, then you aren’t ready.  If you’re not ready to meet the Lord, the let today be the day of Salvation.  The grace of God has given you one more chance today.  Are you going to risk it one more time?

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