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Being on Facebook and reconnecting with a lot of old friends prompts this writing.  Instead of telling all of you one at a time “whatever happened to Dave” I thought I’d put it on here once and keep referring people to it.  So, while this is primarily for all of my old Ohio pals, please feel free to read some of my story below to get to know further who I am and what I have become!

So, what ever happened to Dave Peppler?

In a word, God!

I was plugging away at Wooster Radio going by the surname “Dave Forest.”  I was the program director, production director, traffic manager and on-air personality all at the same time and loving every minute of it.  Diane and I got married in August of 1991.  David Jr. was 9 years old and with me.  I started getting involved in church with Diane’s help and really started getting into it.  Things really started cleaning up in my life and many bad habits started to drop by the wayside and I was a better person for it.  Before I knew it, I was helping with the youth at the church and soon after began teaching a Young Couple’s Sunday school class.  I was introduced to a visiting couple one Sunday as “One who doesn’t know it, but he’s the next preacher that’s going to come out of this church.”  That very afternoon, it happened.

I was in the basement smoking (late January Ohio winters – can’t go outside for that activity) when God spoke directly with me.  I felt His hand push mine away from my face to crush my cigarette and told me clearly, “You don’t need that any more.”  I ran upstairs, threw away all of my cigarettes and my lighters.  Diane said that I looked like I had seen a ghost.  The instant I told her, “I don’t need those any more”, God’s word to me came in the form of one word only – “Preach.”  Again, this was as audible as anything I have ever heard before or since.  Scared me to death but I knew who it was and what I was supposed to do.  I didn’t agree right away but eventually gave my heart and life FULLY to the Lord and committed to full-time ministry as He desired.

That’s when I gave up the radio job and Diane quit the bank.  We left Ohio in January of 1997 and I started going to school in Louisville, Kentucky.  From there we moved to Boiling Springs, NC so I could continue my studies at Gardner-Webb University.  Without home church support, we couldn’t keep surviving so I went ahead and started serving a small church in Bullock, NC near the Virginia border.  We weren’t exactly the best match for each other although I still dearly love those people.  Our time there was not quite two years.

From there we moved to Chase City, VA to serve Bethel Baptist Church.  We were there 3-1/2 years and God clearly guided us to move to Prospect, VA to serve as Pastor of Glenn Memorial Baptist Church.  We were there almost 4-1/2 years when the Lord made it clear that it was time to complete my education and that I needed to move closer to Richmond to do so.  I have served as Pastor of Muddy Creek Baptist Church since November 2008 and will complete school in the spring of 2011.  God’s leadership throughout this process has been crystal clear and He has answered prayer after prayer during this great adventure!

Believe me, that is the incredibly short version of my story!  I can tell you this much, I am still much the same Dave that my friends from Ohio will remember, minus the hair!  I still love to smile and laugh and cause others to share both.  I still frequently crave Coccia House pizza and cannot wait to be home for visits so I can have some (oh yea, and see family too).

All apologies to my family shall be given directly (since they subscribe to this blog page and will see what I just said too).

God’s blessings on my life have been remarkable!  Diane and I have been married over 18 years now (August 1991).  David Jr. is 28 (born Feb. 1982), Derek is almost 17 (born March 1993), and Doug just turned 15 (born March 1995).

Jesus Christ is central in my life and I thoroughly enjoy being fully committed to being a Pastor and have been blessed beyond description for these past 11 years of fulfilling His calling on my life.  I am a very strong believer that if God can take the Dave some of you used to know and completely transform me into what I am in His service today, then He can do the same thing for you if He hasn’t already!  We have the greatest opportunity in history to allow Him to change our lives and to use us to make a real difference in this world and His Kingdom.

Please feel free to drop me an email or what-not.  My full information is on my facebook page so look me up.  I love the Lord and pray that He will bless you beyond measure!

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  1. Amazing story Dave! Thank you for shariing! So happy as to how God has blessed your life…wish I could attend your church!!!!

  2. I loved reading your story, I think you are an amazing pastor. I always look forward to Sundays at Muddy Creek! 🙂

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